Princess Academy

Princess_AcademyPrincess Academy By Shannon Hale

I recently picked up this book to reread. I read it once before long ago. I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it now. The story is of a young girl named Miri. Her people and family live on the mountains where they harvest rocks. Linder? To be exact. Anyways. All the local girls from her village/town? are gathered to go to a princess academy. There was a prophesy that the future queen would be found there. So off they go to get their training to be a proper princess. But the girls get captured by bandits but Miri saves the day because she discovers that she can “speak” to others from her town by holding the rocks.


Man. I really need to write these reviews right after reading the book, because its already becoming hazy. -_- I read too many other books afterwards…


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