Wildwood Dancing

May 25, 2009

wildwoodWildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

This book is like a combination of the 12 dancing sisters and the frog prince. Sorta. Our heroine is a 15 year old girl named Jena. She along with her 4 other sisters have been slipping away at full moon to the other kingdom to dance. But things get complicated when one of the sisters fall in love with a being from the other kingdom and when their cousin threatens to take everything from them. Jena has a constant companion named Gogu. He happens to be a frog that can talk only to her.

This book was enjoyable but it always makes me feel a little uncomfortable when the love interests between characters happen to be cousins. Gross.



May 25, 2009


Hush by Donna Jo Napoli

I’ve always enjoyed Donna Jo Napoli. I’m a sucker for fairy tale stories. This book was a little bit of a let down.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading it…but I wanted my happy ending. I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. But I guess that is life? You can’t always expect happy endings.  The story is about a young Irish princess, Melkorka . In the beginning she relishes her position as a princess. She’s not necessarily bad, she just has this belief that everyone has a place and position in the world. Her life gets turned upside down when she along with her sister gets captured on a slave boat. The princess becomes a slave. The title of the book is hush because once Mel is captured, she becomes silent. Never speaking to her captors or the other prisoners. Through this however, she gains compassion and feeling for those who she once saw as beneath her.

As much as I like Donna Jo Napoli, I guess I was hoping there would be a happy ending for Mel. But I can’t expect life to always be fairy tale endings can I?

The Girl Who Could Fly

May 23, 2009

the girl who could flyThe Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

So I’ve been meaning to pick up this book ever since I saw it mentioned on Stephenie Meyers website. I read it all in one sitting and was pleasantly surprised. It was totally not what I was expecting. Basically, this girl Piper McCloud can fly. But of course anything different scares the people in her little town.  So she goes to a school that helps “special” people like her. There she meets other children with extraordinary abilities. I’m pretty good at predicting what will happen, but this book provided tons of twists and turns that kept me eagerly turning the pages.